Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Packet Filtering

Packet Filtering

Pakettisuodatuksesta technique that router ACLs (Access Control List) on the site. By default, the router to forward all traffic sent, and does so without any restrictions. Using the ACL is a way to control your security policy regarding what kind of access you have with the outside world to the internal network, and vice versa. Has less overhead with a packet filtering gateway application, as a typical access control is carried out under the ISO / OSI (usually transport or session level). Lower costs and make pakettisuodatuksesta routers, specialized computers that are optimized for tasks related to network packet filtering gateway is often much faster than their cousins at the application level. Figure 6 Packet filtering gateway.Because we operate at a lower level, supporting new applications either automatically or simply a question of allowing a certain type of packet to pass through the door. (Not that the possibility of something is automatically a good idea and it opens this sort of thing could be jeopardizing your security level below what your policy allows.)