Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Secure Modems; Dial-Back Systems

Secure Modems; Dial-Back Systems

If modem access must be provided, should be monitored carefully. The terminal server or a network device that allows remote access to the network must be active management and its newspapers should be considered odd behavior. Passwords should not be strong - which you can guess. Accounts that are not actively used must be disabled. In short, this is the easiest way to access your network from remote: Guard it carefully.There are systems that have remote access to the property of both parties to establish a connection. The first part is the remote user is connecting to the system, and provide the username and password. Then, the system will drop the connection, and call the authenticated user back to a phone number called. Once the system's response to the remote user to the call, the connection is established, and the user on the network. It works well for people who work at home, but can be problematic for users who want to call from hotel rooms and such, when business travel.