Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks

Given the ubiquitous Internet and the considerable cost of private leased lines, many organizations have developed VPN (Virtual Private Networks). Traditionally, an organization providing connectivity between headquarters and a satellite, a line of expensive data have been hired to provide a direct connection between the two offices. Now, a solution which is often more economical to provide two offices connected to the Internet. Then, use the Internet as a medium, both offices can communicate with each other. The danger of doing, of course, is that there is no privacy on this path and it is difficult to give others access to Office indre''ressourcer `` It did not provide resources to all users.VPNs allow the two agencies to communicate with each other in such a way that seems to have a direct connection on a leased private lines. Session between, going through a private Internet (the link is encrypted) and the connection is convenient, because everyone can see each other internal resources to their show to the world. The number of firewall vendors are also capable of building VPNs in their offer, either directly from the base of the product or add-ons. If you need to combine different offices, it could well be the best way to do it.