Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Nanotechnology : Cryonics On Way To Raising The Dead

Nanotechnology : Cryonics On Way To Raising The Dead

Today, technology plays a key role in all areas of life. Raise the standards of technology in many areas was a man of high reputation today. But the currently available technology capable of interacting with atoms, particles so minute. This nanotechnology has developed. Cryonics is simply to raise the dead - will make them alive. First, to preserve life, then using the molecular-level machines based on nano technology, we can revive the patient repair damaged cells.In this technical paper we would like to discuss cryonics, cryonics as the process goes and why nanotechnology has been used and description of the molecular machine that can repair damaged cells. Therefore, cryonics is the region where most work takes place in the future.