Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Nanotechnology Entire Info

Nanotechnology Entire Info

Introduction to the seminar on nanotechnology
1. Nanotechnology precision is defined as production of atomic or molecular scale devices.
2. Equipment with minimum feature size (nm) as products of nanotechnology are less than 100 nanometers.
3. A nanometer is one billionth of A meter (10-9 m) and is the unit of length, the for describe the size of individual molecules is generally best.
4. The first revolutionary applications of nanotechnology are in computer science and medicine.

Nanotechnology in the IT sector
1. A branch of computer science that is rapid progress in nanotechnology grant is the simulation of molecular scale events.
2. Molecular simulation typically enormous efforts is to be able to offer and predict data about molecular systems would require physically.
3. One effectively nanoscale systems can model by organizing virtual atoms in a molecular simulation environment.
4. Systems nano-scaled simulation and theory infact provided for new characteristics, the new design materials and systems for nanotechnology applications has resulted.
For example, Carbon nanotubes applications in molecular electronics nano-technology in the medical field of molecular medicine, Bioinformatics and Biomolecular nanotechnology are rapidly heal our ability and stay healthy.

1. all living organisms consist of molecules, molecular biology has become the primary focus of biotechnology.
2. Living systems are able to live because of the huge amount of highly ordered molecular machines from which they are created.
3. The central dogma of molecular biology indicating that the information required create a living cell or organism in the DNA is stored.
4. This information is transferred from DNA to proteins by the processes called transcription and translation.
5. Molecular Biology is a field where the study of these interactions have been effective to the discovery of many pharmaceuticals led enormously in the disease to cure.

1. most importantly, it shows the capabilities of molecular scale machines. Copy, borrowing and learn tricks from nature is one of the primary techniques of nanotechnology uses and has called Biomimicry.
(2) Secondly, our ability to design synthetic, semi-synthetic and natural molecular machines is to preserve an enormous potential for the disease to heal and life.

Nanotechnology in NANO robot Robotics:
Nano robot theoretical microscopic devices that are on the scale of nanometers measured.
Nanomedicine: are so tiny that you can easily search the human body
1. Nano robot. Scientists report the outer of a Nano robot probably be built, the carbon atoms in a diamondoid structure because the inert properties and strength.
2. May be a source of propulsion and the Nano robot have other biochemical or molecular parts glucose or natural body sugar and oxygen depending on its task.
3. Nano robot will have at least rudimentary two-way communication; respond to sounds. and will get in the location, power, or even rewrite statements from an external source of sound waves.
A network might be strategically, place special stationary Nano robot throughout the body, each active Nano robot logging, how to do it, then reporting these results so that an interface to track all devices in the body.
(5) A doctor could not only a patient's progress monitor but the statements of change Nano robot in vivo to progress to different stages of healing. When the operation completes, the Nano robot from the body would be rinsed.

RECENT development of molecular nanotechnology (MNT).
1. Robert A. Freitas Jr., nanomedicine, introduces Nano robot in Nano-factories is an example of a type of medical Nano robot he developed that would act as a red blood cell.
2. Full Nano robot the Freitas dubbed a Respirocyte can consists of 18 - billion atoms and keep up to 9 - billion-O2 and CO2 molecules or only 235 times more than a human red blood cells.
3. This increased capacity is supported because of the diamond structure possible larger prints than a human cell.
4. Sensors on the Nano robot would the molecular rotors release gases or earn, depending on the needs of the surrounding tissues cause.
5. A healthy dose of this nano robot in a patient in solution, Freitas injected explains, would allow someone, easily sit under water near the outlet of the backyard pool for almost four hours or run at full speed for 15 minutes before taking a breath.

1. Raw material for the production of nano robot would be almost free of charge, and the process that virtually pollution-free, a Nano robot which extremely affordable and very attractive technology.
2. Nano robot in medicine to keep plenty of promise of eradication of the disease on the aging process applied reverse (wrinkles, loss of bone mass and age-related conditions are treatable at the cellular level.)
3. In large swarms could clean to repair the air of carbon dioxide, the hole in the ozone layer, restore scouring water pollutants and our ecosystems.

Nanotechnology in electronics
1. as transistors as such as the metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) one of the primary components used in integrated circuits) consists of smaller, change the properties as well as the production costs with the scale.
2.Currently, UV light is used to create the Silicon circuits with a lateral resolution around 200 nm (wavelength UV light).
3. As the circuits must shrink 100 nm new manufacturing methods below be created, which costs.
4.Furthermore, once the circuit size reaches only a few nanometers, quantum effects begin such as tunneling, more importantly, what changes dramatically the ability for the computers to function normally.
(5) Thus, novel methods for computer chip production have been and are of the microchip is intensively for manufacturers.

Nano level
1. Aims, aerial image with regard to the important parameters like e.g. normalized picture log slope, contrast and spots/min feature size to come with the most robust method of gray scaled pattern generation with substrate angry to quantify analog modulation of micromirrors.

Nano springs (belt) aims, aerial image with regard to the important parameters like e.g. normalized picture log slope, contrast and spots/min feature size to come with the most robust method of gray scaled pattern generation with substrate angry to quantify analog modulation of micro mirrors.

1. Nanotubes & Nanobearings this is a computer rendered model of a partially telescoped Nanotube with a Leonardo DaVinci manuscript as a background.
2. In the manuscript, DaVinci considers the construction of bearings and the frictional forces that could be encountered in bearings and sliding surfaces.
3. He has a drawing of a constant spring (a mass hanging from a string through a role).
4. A nanotube camp may be the ultimate realization of some of DaVinci's dreams: here is the same model without the DaVinci manuscript silently NANO MOTOR 1. The small Nanomotor is