Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: BlueTooth


BLUETOOTH Is the well-known wireless electronic protocol that is used to transfer data between the shortest distance of fixed and mobile services. It uses radio waves to transfer create PAN (PERSONAL AREA networks). Actually, it was meant to be a wireless alternative for RS232 port. The most striking feature of Bluetooth it is able to several different devices to solve the problems of the synchronization.
BLUETOOTH is the most commonly used name now a days, because it is now the most inevitable part of mobile phones. The name Bluetooth came from a Swedish word. Bluetooth logo is bind rune with German rune.AS said before that makes use of radio technology. Bluetooth chops the data before you get sent it and convert it to normal data in the correct destination in a clear frequency have reached. It can exchange information between devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, phones, laptops, PCs, printers, global positioning system receivers etc.Bluetooth license and specifications have been produced by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (BSIG). Actually Bluetooth primarily designed for low power consumption and low data transfer at distance. Suddenly I made a new boom in the market, because it is very cheap and convenient. But later the distance between the data transfer was varied. Usually they are divided into three different classes depends on the range. Class 1, the exchange of information within a range less than 100 m, the class 2 range is less than 22 m and class 3 ranges up to 6 m. Bluetooth has two versions as well. It is version 1. 2, and version 2. 0 + EDR.Bluetooth will find application in the field of wireless control and communications, wireless networking between PCs, the transfer of files, contact details, for controlling the enormous use of infrared, so wireless bridge between Ethernet networks etc.Bluetooth was developed in 1994 by Jaap Haartsen and Sven Mattisson, representing the employees of SONY ERICCSON Mobile platforms. Bluetooth had come across different modifications and new updations. Bluetooth versions such as Bluetooth, Bluetooth 1 1. 1, Bluetooth 1. 2, Bluetooth 2. 0, Bluetooth 2. 1, 3 and Bluetooth. 0 are the best examples of this change. Each of these is updated in quality and process depending on the needs of people.Now we can not think of electronic equipment without Bluetooth. In short it is a gadget set not quite complete without Bluetooth in it. Let's wait for the new emerging technologies in this area that the gadget market could beat.