Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Advanced Nanotechnology in Owlstone Nanotech

Advanced Nanotechnology in Owlstone Nanotech

Owlstone is a pioneer in the marketing of chemicals in products. Owlstone detector is a revolutionary dime sensor business, which can be programmed to recognize different chemicals that may be present in very small amounts. Using cutting edge techniques and micro-nano-manufacturing, Owlstone has created a complete chemical sensor, which is much smaller and can be produced more cheaply than the products of modern technology. There are numerous applications - different branches of security and defense, industrial process, air quality control and healthcare - that depend on fast detection and measurement of chemical compounds. Owlstone is the market leader in these areas in combination with the sensor for the next generation chemical sensing products and solutions.
Owlstone technology offers a unique combination of advantages, such as small size, low production cost, minimum consumption, reduced false alarms, and a customizable platform.