Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: BIT for Intelligent system design

BIT for Intelligent system design

Abstract : seminar The main built-testing and self-test has been widely used for the design and testing of complex mixed-signal systems such as electronic integrated circuits (IC s) and instrumentation multifractional [1]. A system of TBI is characterized by its ability to identify the mode of operation itself, through tests and diagnostics integrated into its structure. To ensure reliable performance, testability must be incorporated in the early stages of the system and product design. Various techniques have been developed in recent decades to implement the technique ILO. In semi-conductors. Objective of the assistance of the ILO is to improve the manufacturing yield of chips, so robust and efficient chip testing and better opportunities to the increasing complexity and circuit integration density This is achieved by having a IC generates its own test stimuli and measuring the corresponding responses by the various elements of the chip to determine its condition.