Paper Presentation & Seminar Topics: Advanced Data Mining

Advanced Data Mining

Abstract: (seminar) Data mining (or knowledge discovery in databases, KDD) is the process of large amounts of data for patterns that tools such as classification, Association rule mining, clustering, auto detect neural networks etc.
Data mining is used, analysis and decision-making structures especially in the case of large amounts of data e.g. for social network and shopping basket.
What is the difference compared to the statistical methodology and Econometrics? Data mining contains many methods from the two other areas and extends it with new algorithms. Data mining generated also completely new methods of data analysis alone cannot by statistical means.
Analyx we are the data mining methods apply to large and complex data sets. In addition, we develop customised models for client problems in decision support in business and politics (see above).
Our experienced team of data miners and business consultants can advice clients to use data mining methods to new insights and discover new information in existing records.
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